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Chicago-land structure formation aficionados


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Current regulars

Andrey Kravtsov (U.Chicago Astronomy, KICP) Formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters. Dark Matter halos and subhalos. Halo-galaxy connection.
Nick Gnedin (Fermilab) Galaxy formation. Reionization. Supermassive black holes. Lyman-alpha forest.
Benedikt Diemer (U.Chicago Astronomy, KICP) Structure formation. Halo finding.
Marilena LoVerde (U.Chicago Astronomy, KICP) CMB, galaxy clustering, testing inflation and cosmological models.
Douglas Watson KICP) Galaxy clustering, halo models
Reina Reyes, KICP) Weak lensing, galaxy-halo connection, Tully-Fisher relation
Elise Jennings (U.Chicago Astronomy, KICP) Dark energy, Modified gravity, N-body simulations, Structure formation, Cosmology
Hsiao-Wen Chen U. Chicago Astronomy) Galaxy evolution, Circumgalactic medium, quasar absorption lines
Cameron Liang U. Chicago Astronomy) Circumgalactic medium, quasar absorption lines
Alexander Kaurov U.Chicago Astronomy) Galaxy formation, reionization modelling
[Andrew Hearin] Fermilab) Galaxy clustering, halo models, cosmology
Douglas Rudd RCC, U.Chicago) High-performance computing, parallel programming and algorithms, galaxy clusters
Vadim Semenov (U.Chicago Astronomy) Structure formation. Dark matter halos. Formation and evolution of galaxies.
Yun-Hsin Huang (U.Chicago Astronomy) Galaxy formation. Absorption lines, circumgalactic medium.
Oleg Gnedin (University of Michigan) Galaxy formation. Globular cluster formation and evolution.
Zimu Khakhaleva-Li (U.Chicago Physics) Dust in reionization simulation, galaxy formation

Other (including older) photos

Associate members and Alumni

Daisuke Nagai (Physics Department, YCAA, Yale), Iro Tasitsiomi (Goldman-Sachs), Stelios Kazantzidis (OSU, CCAP), Erwin Lau (Yale), Michael Mortonson (OSU), Charlie Conroy (UC Santa Cruz), Hiro Oyaizu, Kostas Tassis (Crete), Risa Wechsler (KIPAC/Stanford), Andrew Zentner (Pitt), Jacqueline Chen (Brown), Douglas Rudd (RCC,U.Chicago), Jeremy Tinker (NYU), Brant Robertson (Arizona), Sam Leitner (Maryland), Surhud More (IPMU, Tokyo), Robert Feldmann (Berkeley), Matt Becker (KIPAC, Stanford University), Denis Erkal (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge), Roberto Gonzalez (Catholica University, Chile), Oscar Agertz (University of Surrey), Alyson Brooks (Rutgers University)


Anatoly Klypin (NMSU), Stefan Gottloeber (AIP, Potsdam), Nick Gnedin (Fermilab), Alexey Vikhlinin (HEA, SAO), Paco Prada, Gustavo Yepes (Universidad Autonoma, Madrid), Savvas Koushiappas (Los Alamos), Oleg Gnedin (Michigan), Monica Valluri (Michigan), Sasha Muratov (Michigan)

Older Photo

Circa 2005:

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